Konstantin Simonov

"Above our submarine's black nose she rises..."

to Valentina Serova

Above our submarine's black nose she rises -
That Venus, which is like no other star!
We men, long missing out on girls' caresses,
Await her like a woman from afar.

Like you, each day she rises slightly later,
And as the heavenly bodies rise and sink,
Some unexpected stars may rise beside her,
Much nearer to her than I like to think.

Their shameful glow betrays their cowardice;
Among such stars I never shall be found.
But they are there beside you in the heavens,
And I am here, forgotten on the ground.

I'll never bid farewell to earthly danger
To freeze in peace, as they do, in the sky.
Be like a shooting star - fall down from heaven!
Stretch out your arms to me on earth and fly!

In heaven they love women from ennui
And let them go in peace, without much woe.
Just fall into these earthly arms to me!
I'm not a star. I'll never let you go...