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in the order originally written

Links to the Russian originals are at the foot of each translation.


Hours of Friendship 1938

Comrades in Arms 1938

The Lieutenant 1939

The British Military Cemetery at Sebastopol 1939

"All through his life he drew the scenes of war..." 1939

"You used to say to me 'I love you!'.. 1941

"Wait for me, and I'll come back!.." 1941

"The major brought the boy out on the gun.." 1941

"Remember, Alyosha, the roads of Smolenshchina.." 1941

"Above our submarine's black nose she rises.." (Venus) 1941

"If God in his almighty Power.." 1941

"Don't be angry if I write.." 1941

"I remember two girls at the door in the night.." 1941

"I want to say to you 'You are my wife!'.." 1941

"As I recall the year that's ending" 1941

The Hostess 1942

"With death an inch above my head" 1942

"Well may I curse in years to come.." 1942

Refugees 1942

The House at Vyazma 1943

"That's how we live, without forgetting.." 1945

"In a dream, I saw a wedding.." 1945

"With glass a thousand miles thick.." 1946

"You get from time to time a man.." 1946

"The sense that love is coming's worse.." 1946

"I buried love and doomed myself to be.." 1948

"I cannot write a single line of verse.." 1954



Konstantin Simonov