Konstantin Simonov


Oh Yes, it's true, I love you all the more
Since no one really thinks you’re mine as yet;
And all the others, who have had your love,
Are quite determined you should not forget.

I've never mentioned to you all the letters
Which people very kindly write to me
To tell me things which everybody sees,
But in my blindness, I could never see.

Good luck to them! But as for me, I thank
The one who blinded me. I bless the hour
I found the beauty born of darkness in
The body given to a blind man's power.

You said to me, ‘because you cannot see,
I'll teach you things the blind alone can know.’
Through that dark journey, you have been my guide;
For you, it never was too far to go.

You are my world; you gave the world to me.
The blind alone can dare to see so much.
In blindness, I have learned to find by touch
What those with sight are not allowed to see.